Congratulations Central Florida Chapter – Gold Chapter of the Year 2013 – 2014

Posted: May 01, 2015

We did it again!  Congratulations to us!  Central Florida Chapter was awarded Gold status for the 2013 – 2014 Chapter Year!  Great job to Andrea, Cary, Susan, Todd, Amber, Marcus, Scott, Harry, John, JD, Heather, Jennifer, Charlynn, and Renee for making this chapter the best.

New factsheets available on tube and coupler scaffold safety: “Planning and Design” and “Erection and Use”

Posted: Nov 18, 2014

Source: OSHA QuickTakes Volume 13, Issue 22
Two new OSHA fact sheets – “Tube and Coupler Scaffold Planning and Design” (PDF*) and “Tube and Coupler Scaffold Erection and Use” (PDF*) – are now available to help employers protect construction workers using this type of scaffold on the job. Workers building scaffolds are at risk for serious injury from falls and tip-overs, being struck by falling tools and other hazards, and electrocution from energized power lines. Before starting any scaffold project, employers should conduct a hazard assessment to ensure the safety of workers. For more information on scaffolding, visit OSHA’s scaffolding safety page.

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