CSP Mentor Program

In a recent Chapter membership survey, members requested assistance in pursuing the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification. The Central Florida Chapter is looking for ways to support and assist our members in pursuit of the CSP. We are working to put CSP candidates in touch with Central Florida ASSP members who have already achieved the CSP designation for guidance and mentoring as they move through the certification process. That is the purpose of this page.

The Central Florida ASSP members listed below are Certified Safety Professionals. They have agreed to work with other Central Florida ASSP members in pursuit of their CSP designation.

Please feel free to contact any of the Central Florida ASSP members below for guidance, assistance, and general support as you make your way through the certification process. One of the best advantages to your ASSP membership is the ability to network with your peers.

We hope you will soon pass your CSP exam and then choose to list your information here to help the next generation of up-and-coming safety professionals! Good luck!


Certification is a milestone event in a safety professional’s career. Achieving certification demonstrates that the safety professional has reached a higher level of professionalism as recognized by employers and peers. The ASSP Certification Preparation Workshops are the best opportunity to pass your certification examinations.

ASSP Certification Preparation Workshops will go the extra mile to help you succeed in passing the certification examinations. The instructors are experts in their field, drawn from the academic and the professional community. If you take the ASP, CSP, CHST and OHST and do not pass, you can retake the same workshop for FREE! If you take an examination applicable to one of these three-day preparation workshops within one year of attending our workshop and do not pass, you can retake the same workshop for free. This is subject only to the workshop being offered and the workshop having the capacity for additional students. This offer is not valid to those attending chapter or regional workshops.