Board Members

Membership Committee
Marcus Rasberry, Chair

Public Relations Committee
Matt Law, CSP, Chair

Government Affairs Committee
Leann Shirley, CSP, Chair

Awards and Honors Committee
Heather Earl, CSP, Chair
Emily Schoonover
Susan Tobin
Todd McDowell

Professional Development Committee
Gabriella Pace, Chair
Josh Densberger, CSP
Emily Schoonover
Heather Earl, CSP
Marcus Rasberry

Job Postings and Webmaster
Josh Densberger, CSP, Webmaster
Duke Derdock, CSP, Social Media

Logistics Chair and ASSE/ACFS Liaison
John Lucarelli

Scott Galas

Agriculture Section
Andy Esposito, President
Jose Mendez, Secretary
Jesse Hernandez, Treasurer

ChapterWISE Liaison
Heather Earl, CSP

Emerging Professionals Liason
Gabriella Pace, ASP

Member at Large
Lee Claycomb