November 4 – Chapter Meeting

  • Leveraging Technology
    November 4, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Speaker Eric Aubrey has been involved in technology solutions for more than 20 years. Most of this time has been focused on environmental, health and safety management tools that help organizations maximize the use of their data.

The National Safety Council estimates that 12,600 workers are injured on the job every day.  It’s no surprise that a majority of these incidents could be prevented if risk areas had been identified and corrected immediately.  So why is this still a challenge for so many companies?  For starters, many companies lack systems to help identify safety trends and risk areas across their enterprise. Today, companies that value safety are creating change by implementing interactive EHS management systems to augment and significantly improve their safety performance and reduce corporate safety rates (TRIR, LTIR, EMR, etc.).

By leveraging modern technology, companies are now able to visually examine unique trends in safety occurrences with just a click of a button.  Using these tools, project team members can quickly identify patterns in unsafe behavior, perform a root cause analysis, and implement safety audits and corrective actions to ensure their teams continue to work safely and achieve excellence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using interactive analytics to improve safety performance
  • How auditing applications are being used to identify key risk areas
  • Importance of instant notifications on safety incidents
  • How mobile technology is transforming safety on the jobsite


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