Training Opportunity – Safety-II in Practice Workshop

Posted: Oct 08, 2018

The Safety-II in Practice workshop is coming to St. Petersburg in February 2019. This is the only workshop scheduled for the US next year with Dr. Erik Hollnagel.

Safety-II does not provide a different way to manage safety, rather it opens up many new avenues for learning about your organization’s strengths and weaknesses without waiting for an incident to happen. It opens up greater understanding on organizational functionality.

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Upcoming NIOSH Webinars

Posted: Oct 08, 2018

Overlapping Vulnerabilities in the Aging Workforce On October 30 from 12–1:30pm ET, the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Webinar Series, in conjunction with the National Center for Productive Aging and Work, presents the next installment in the Productive Aging and Work annual webinar series: Overlapping Vulnerabilities in the Aging Workforce. Free continuing education for this activity is available. Register now to attend via Adobe Connect.

New Insights into the Opioid Crisis and Work: Important Information for Workers and Employers On November 6 from 1–2:30pm ET, the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Webinar Series presents a webinar focused on new research at the important intersection of work and the nation’s opioid crisis. Speakers will explore critical insights into potential work-related risk factors for opioid misuse, the latest data on opioid overdose by industry and occupation, and primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention methods and interventions. Register now to attend via Adobe Connect.

Central Florida Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) Award Nominations

Posted: Sep 24, 2018

The Edgar Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year Award is awarded annually to an ASSP member who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the occupational safety and health (OSH) field while also advancing the OSH profession overall.  There are Chapter, Regional, and a Society-level SPY awards.

The award is named for Edgar Monsanto Queeny, who exhibited unwavering commitment to workplace safety after a tragic industrial explosion in the late 1940s destroyed Monsanto’s Texas City plant, killing 512 people, including 145 employees. The tragedy moved him to place a greater emphasis on safety in the company’s operations. To this day, the firm’s safety record reflects his deep personal commitment to protecting workers. Through this award, Monsanto Company proudly supports our members efforts to create safe work environments that will lead to a safer, stronger future.

If you are interested in nominating a peer or yourself for this award, please contact Awards and Honors Chair Heather Earl at for assistance.

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