February 4 – Chapter Meeting

  • Speed Mentoring
    February 4, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:30 pm

WISE Sponsored Speed Mentoring Event Flyer

This event is open to all Chapter members and Central Florida Section SWE members. There would be 8-10 stations staffed with a “mentor” who meet with participants broken down into groups of no more than 6.  Each group of 6 would move from one station to the next every 4-5 minutes, until they experienced all 8-10 stations.

The planned topics at each station include:

1. Negotiation Skills: How to ask for what you deserve while being self-aware of worth.

2. Persuasion/Influencing Skills: How to get buy in and funding for projects, and gaining allies to being successful.

3. Nonverbal Communication Skills: How your body language can sometimes do the talking.

4. Conflict Resolution:  Resolving conflict in the same plane (i.e., peer-to-peer), upwards (managers) or downwards (less experienced employees), and how to regain trust.

5. Conflict Management: Managing conflict management via emotional intelligence, empathy, communication etc.

6. Time Management: Put yourself first, and pace yourself.  Learning prioritizing, scheduling, keeping a to do list, and understanding one’s self and clients.

7. Self-Reflection:  Knowing when it’s time to move on, staying motivated and being honest with one’s self.

8. Team Playing Ability:  Why there is power in numbers.

9. Listening vs. Talking: Knowing the difference between the two and how to manage both.


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